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Kofi Boahene


Dr. Boahene is the founder of FSS. Since 2004 he has been involved in medical missions to several countries around the world teaching, training and performing surgeries in underserved areas. In the majority of these countries, and particularly in Africa countries, the lack of sub-specialist surgeons was extreme. As a result, surgical diseases that are easily managed in developed countries go untreated resulting significant debilitation and sometimes lost of life. FSS was formed to address the specific lack of surgical sub-specialists. Read more

Dr. Boahene is a professor of Otolaryngology head and neck surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He specializes in Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as the removal of tumors under the brain and skull. He has trained several US and international medical students, residents and Fellows. Dr. Boahene is the author of several scientific papers and has pioneered new surgical procedures in the head and neck. He counts among his greatest achievements, building surgical expertise around the globe.

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